Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am a Trident Original gal. Have been since my youth. Oh sure, I strayed into Extra territory, and who can forget the "Bubble Yum" years? (Red Dye Number 2 anyone? I know, you are too young. Whatever.)

I always returned to my Trident Original. It tastes good, the flavor lasts, it's the right size. But this is not Trident Original. This is fancy pants Trident Vitality "Awaken."

Trident lets you know it's fancy by excessively packaging it. It's a lot of paper and plastic for 9 pieces of gum, so I dropped it a star for that.

The gum is nicely flavored. I do like the texture aspect when biting into a crunchy outer coating, and getting into the soft center. The flavor lasts a long, long time. (I'm pretty sure that's another gum's motto - Hubba Bubba as it turns out.)

I chewed for 45 minutes. At first it's a pretty soft chew, but the gum firms up as time goes on. By the time I was ready to spit it out, the flavor was still there but my jaw was sore. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.

It's a nice gum, but nothing I would throw over my Trident Original for, and the packaging would give me pause anyway. Though, I will say that one benefit of the packaging means that it is impossible for the gum to fall out of the pack and get purse debris stuck to it, so that's a nice feature, but heck ... what's a little sand and tobacco stuck to your gum? It gives it character.

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