Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yes, Virginia, I'm reviewing toilet paper.

I've never discussed toilet paper much. Particularly not on the internet for all to see. But I do have opinions about it, and certainly YOU must have an interest in it, otherwise, you wouldn't be reading my review.

You are probably thinking ... Lay it on me, Nicole. Regale me with your tales of toilet paper past. Fasten your seat belts, folks, here is my story.

Back when I was a kid, there was NEVER toilet paper in the bathroom. Where did we keep it? I don't know. This resulted in my two sisters and I forever sitting on the pot yelling "TOILET PAPER" until somebody brought us some. At any given moment, you'd see one of us wandering around the house, pants around our ankles, hands on our hips, asking another sister "Didn't you hear me?" Oh how we loved to ignore each other. That has nothing to do with THIS toilet paper, but it's part of my toilet paper past.

I'm a loyal toilet paper buyer. Sales and coupons aren't on my Toilet Papery radar. I find a brand I like, and that's it. I was a Charmin girl first, (back in the days when people couldn't resist squeezing it), and then I discovered Northern. For many years Northern and I, yes, we had a thing. But then one day, at a friends apartment, I met Charmin Ultra. It was kismet. I never looked back.
(Thank you Dena!)

What I like about Charmin. It's soft. It's strong. It doesn't tear ... you know, during use. What I like best about Charmin, is how little of it you need. And it takes a bit of getting used to. Taking just three little sheets of paper for a "big job" - well, that may seem like a risk. Not with Charmin!

You might want to watch the kids though, they don't seem to get the concept that "less is more."

Comparing Charmin Sensitive to my beloved Charmin Ultra, honestly, I don't see any differences. It's the same general texture and you use the same number of sheets (three cheers for "green" TP!). It says it has gentle and soothing lotion with a touch of aloe and E. I actually don't care for that in a tissue (but THAT is a whole other exploit!), but here you don't really notice it. I'm not sure the lotion is a necessary addition, but it certainly doesn't detract.

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tony bertauski said...

Three pieces for a "big job".

Love it.

Care Burpee said...

I never realized what one could buy on Amazon until your ship sailed over my horizon, Nicole.

This is the funniest review ever.